How to Recharge Air Conditioning with Freon in a VW Beetle

There are two generations of the VW Beetle. The old generation VW Beetle uses R12 refrigerant. If you have an old generation Beetle, take it to a professional to have it recharged. The new generation VW Beetle, which came onto the scene in 1998, uses R134 refrigerant. If you have a new generation Beetle, you can recharge the air conditioner yourself.

Put on safety goggles and gloves to recharge the air conditioner in a new generation VW Beetle. Have a clean soft towel handy nearby. Read all of the directions included in the automotive air conditioner recharge kit.

Inspect the lines and components of the air conditioning system. If you notice any signs of wear, damage or leaks, you should replace or repair the part before you recharge the air conditioner.

Locate the Low Pressure Side service port of the new generation VW Beetle. It is located near the radiator on the passenger side of the engine compartment. It has a black cap that may be marked L or LOW. Take the cap off and set it aside. Wipe off the port with a clean soft towel.

Check the pressure level using an automotive air conditioner pressure gauge. To do this, you need the car running and the air set on the coldest setting. The fan speed should be in the medium range. Keep in mind that the VW Beetle has a very delicate air conditioning system. Unlike most cars, the recommended pressure for a Beetle is 15 to 35 psi. This is lower than most cars. When you check the pressure, you must ignore the color coded areas on the gauge and focus on the numbers.

Attach the refrigerant recharge kit hose to the Low Pressure Side port. Allow the air conditioner to suction the refrigerant out of the can according to the kit directions. How you do this will depend on the type of kit you are using. It may take as long as 20 minutes to empty an entire can.

Recheck the pressure often. Because the VW Beetle has such a delicate air conditioning system, you should check the pressure every few minutes to ensure that the pressure stays in the acceptable range of 15 to 35 psi.

Leave the air conditioner running for 15 minutes so the refrigerant can distribute through the whole system. Once the 15 minutes is over, turn the air conditioner speed to the lowest setting and let it run for five minutes before you turn the car off.

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