How to Force a BlackBerry to Sync Messages

Polka Dot RF/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Your BlackBerry can synchronise the status of the email messages on your device with your BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) mailbox. This synchronisation process is called "reconciliation." Reconciliation deletes and files messages you've modified on your BlackBerry, syncing the changes to your mailbox.

BlackBerry devices can reconcile wirelessly with the BIS mailbox automatically when you make a change or manually. If you have disabled automatic wireless reconciliation, you will have to force the Blackberry to reconcile messages before the changes appear in your BIS mailbox.

Click the "Messages" icon on your BlackBerry's main screen.

Click the track wheel in the "Messages" application to view the menu.

Highlight "Reconcile Now" and click the track wheel. The BlackBerry will sync your messages.