How to Get Rid of Warts With Dandelion Stems

Warts such as plantar, verucca, flat warts and cluster warts are embarrassing and unsightly for those who suffer from them. Warts can appear anywhere on the body and they are caused by a virus. This means they can be caught by anyone unfortunate enough to come in contact with this virus. Most wart-sufferers have tried conventional means of treatment; unfortunately in most cases these treatments aren't permanent. Natural remedies may help do what seems impossible--get rid of warts. Use dandelion stems and end your wart problems forever.

Pick some dandelions just above ground level when the sun starts shining. Make certain you have plenty of stems for the wart remedy.

Cut the heads off the stems with scissors and squeeze the milky liquid from the stems. This milky liquid is latex and effective in wart removal.

Apply the latex to the wart and allow the area to dry. Cover the wart with an adhesive bandage. Repeat this step twice per day and cover with a fresh bandage each time.

Note how each time you take off the bandage, flakes of the wart will peel away. After one week, the wart should have almost disappeared. Keep applying latex until the wart has gone completely. The wart should not return after this natural remedy.

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