How to be a Pink Lady from Grease for Halloween

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The musical "Grease" featured some of the most iconic high school cliques of all time. The Pink Ladies rocked Rydell High as a schoolgirl crowd with an edgy attitude. Their male counterparts were The T-Birds, a gang of guys clad in black leather jackets. In contrast to T-Bird leather, the Pink Ladies sported stylish pink satin jackets. However, pink didn't exactly equate to dainty and delicate. This tough chick clique had a reputation for straying from the 1950s wholesome ideal. Embody the Pink Lady look for Halloween and nobody will mistake you for a squeaky clean Doris Day.

Start with the hair. You have various options to capture the Pink Lady look. You can throw your hair up in a pony tail and tie a scarf around it, or you can purchase a wig with an outward flip that's reminiscent of the 1950s.

Find a shiny pink jacket. This is the quintessential piece to your Pink Lady look. If you're having no luck finding one at a conventional mall or costume shop, look through speciality sport catalogues that carry team warm-ups.

Get your jacket embroidered. If you didn't find a jacket at a costume store where there's a chance that your jacket may come with the signature Pink Ladies print on the back, get it embroidered with the Pink Ladies logo.

Find black capri pants or leggings. Get leggings that are tight and shiny. Think about tight leather or pleather for more of an edgy look.

Get pumps. You can use a vintage-inspired platform pump or even a pointed-toe pump. The colour is up to you.

Dress up your basic outfit with some 1950s accessories. Think about a pink scarf, leopard print scarf, polka dotted scarf, or cat eye sunglasses. Even chewing pink bubble gum can add to the overall look.

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