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How to breed bichon frise dogs

Updated February 21, 2017

Bichon Frise dogs are a friendly, adorable breed. Good with the elderly and children alike, they are the ideal companion for small dog lovers. Breeding a Bichon Frise will not make you rich, nor is it easy, but with proper planning and care, breeding will give you the satisfaction of knowing you are continuing the line of these smart, loving dogs.

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  1. Examine your motivations. Usually, people who want to breed Bichon Frise dogs think that it will be an easy way to make money. This is not the case! Being a small breed, they often require expensive caesarean sections in order to give birth. They also tend to have problems with their knees, skin, ears and eyes--all of which may require costly care.

  2. Prepare to welcome the dog and puppies into your home. Breeding Bichon Frise dogs means taking them into your home, as they are an extremely social breed. These are not dogs that you can leave outside in a kennel, no matter how comfortable the kennel.

  3. Prepare to spend a lot of money! Stud fees can be £195 and up for a papered dog. Keeping the female healthy means premium food and care. It is also the female owner's responsibility to make sure each puppy has his or her first shots, which can really add up.

  4. Know the signs: A typical female Bichon Frise will go into heat every six months or so, and most breeders do not even breed during the first heat. Signs that signify heat include a clear discharge followed by bleeding. The best time to breed is 10 to 14 days after the bleeding starts. It is best to keep the male dog away until this time.

  5. Be involved! The Bichon will show that she is ready to be bred by raising her tail when you scratch above it. At this point, you can bring in the stud. Sometimes injuries occur during the breeding process so the owner should stay nearby and even hold the female's upper body during the act. The dogs should not be separated until the process is complete; this can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes! The dogs will separate on their own and walk away.

  6. Get ready for puppies! Make sure you have a warm, comfortable place for the mother to give birth, and that you have consulted with a vet in the case of an emergency caesarean section. You will need to provide shots for the puppies as well. Keep in mind that a Bichon can have anywhere from one to twelve puppies, and sometimes the female will give birth to one or more stillborn puppies.

  7. Tip

    You can raise Bichons in an apartment, as long as you walk them once or twice a day. They are good with all other animals.


    Keep the female away from all male dogs during her heat!

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Things You'll Need

  • Papers for female and stud
  • Shelter inside your home
  • Dog food
  • Vet

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