How to Get Rid of Car Dents

Only a few experiences are more frustrating than coming out of the grocery store to see a shopping trolley glide into your car – thus creating a small dent in your door. However, this is just one of the many ways your car can get dinged and dented. To get rid of dents without the need of repair shops and insurance companies, follow these simple steps.

Look at the size of the car dent. Dents larger than 8 inches in diameter are usually too big to remove without a professional’s help. Smaller dents, on the other hand, can easily be removed without a professional.

Start with the plunger. This is the easiest way to remove dents from your car. You want to put the plunger over the dent and pretend as if you were unclogging a toilet. Press in and pull out until the plunger sucks out the dent.

Apply the dry ice to the dent if the plunger was unsuccessful. Using protective gloves, place the dry ice on the dent. Over a matter of seconds, the dry ice should begin pulling out the dent.

Use the hair dryer and the air duster. Aim the hot air toward the dent to warm the surface of the dent. Once the dent is hot, spray it with the air duster. The suction created by mixing the heat from the dryer with the cold air of the duster should be enough to pull out the dent.

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