How to Adjust the Clutch in a Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is one of those cars that keep on going. If, however, you don't like where the clutch engages, or it doesn't feel right to you, you can adjust it or attend to most clutch issues yourself. It may be as simple as adding clutch fluid to your reservoir, or adjusting the clutch pedal.

If simple adjustments don't work, that could be a sign of another issue.

Check beneath the hood first when you wish to adjust the clutch on a Honda Accord. Look on the left hand side where two reservoirs are located. Check the level of the second one as this is the one that contains the clutch fluid. If the level is below 3/8 of an inch or so from the top, add more fluid. This could help solve your clutch issue, and it's a cheap adjustment to make. If, however, the cylinder is leaking, you will need to bleed the system and replace it.

Look at the top of the clutch pedal, near the pedal point, and you will see the adjuster for the Honda Accord's clutch there. Turn the adjusting nut on the end of the clutch cable clockwise and test the pedal after each adjustment. If this does not work, you need to look for other possible issues.

Remove the transmission to examine the clutch area in the Honda Accord. A bent fork, or weak springs on the pressure plate might be the culprit if you are unable to adjust the clutch. If this is the case, then replace the clutch assembly.