How to Send a Fax to India

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Sending a fax to India can prove useful, as India is widely known as the epicentre of outsourcing. The United States is the major country that outsources to India, with information technology support being the top service outsourced.

The United States has to take advantage of various ways to communicate across the continents. Sending a fax from the United States to India is just one way to transmit a message and do business.

Find a fax machine. Find out if the fax machine has an international service plan. If the fax can send international faxes, prepare your papers to be faxed.

Dial "9" when necessary. Many businesses or institutions will require you to dial "9" in order to make an external phone call or fax.

Dial "011." This is the international access code. In order to fax outside of the country, dial this code. Each country has its own specific international access code.

Dial "91." This is India's country code. In order to fax to a specific country, you must dial the country code.

Dial the city code. Each city within India has a specific city code. For example, the city code for New Delhi is "11."

Dial the local fax machine number.

Press "Send." After the typical fax processing sound is completed, the fax machine will send you a message to confirm whether the fax was successfully sent. Some fax machines are programmed to provide you with a status report or a detailed physical confirmation.