How to Put a Border Around Text in a Microsoft Word Document Images

Microsoft Word 2010 can insert a border around selected text or an entire page. For example, you can place a border around one paragraph of an event announcement to make it stand out in a two-column newsletter. A page border can frame all four sides of the page, or just one side for a custom look.

The “Borders and Shading” options format the border's width, colour and margins to complement the document’s content.

Launch Microsoft Word and open the document of your choice. Click the “Home” tab on the Command Ribbon.

Click and drag where you want to insert the border. For example, select a single word or several lines of text.

Click the down arrow for the Borders button in the “Paragraph” group. This button has an icon that looks like a grid. A list of border options appears, such as All Borders, Left Border and Outside Borders.

Click the Outside Borders option. A border appears around the selected text.

Edit the border. Click the border button in the “Paragraph” group. This button displays the last command that you selected.

Click the “Borders and Shading” option. A window for “Borders and Shading” appears.

Click the preferred border commands, such as "Setting," "Style," "Width" or "Clip Art." The “Preview” box displays the effects.

Click “OK.”

Click the “Page Layout” tab in the Command Ribbon.

Click the “Page Borders” button. The “Borders and Shading” window appears.

Click the “Page Border” tab. A list of settings and styles appears.

Click on "Settings," "Style," "Color," "Width" or "Clip Art" to alter the border.

Click the down-arrow for the “Apply To” text box to select the border’s range. Options include a border around the entire document, or around first page only.

Click the “Options” button. A window for “Border and Shading Options” appears with a list of margin controls.

Click the preferred values for the margins. For example, insert different values for the left and right margins for an asymmetrical border.

Click “OK.” The selected area formats.

Click the “Shading” tab if you want to add a fill colour behind the text. Select a colour thumbnail from a colour chart in the “Fill” section.

Click “OK.”