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How to Use Aqua Globes to Water Plants

Updated April 17, 2017

Aqua Globes are one of those simple, but nevertheless amazing products that make watering both indoor and outdoor plants a breeze. These little gadgets look awesome when adorning pots and containers, while at the same time they help keep the soil around your plants at the perfect moisture level for optimal growth. Once filled, Aqua Globes will water plants without fail, for up to two weeks, while you sleep, play or go on vacation.

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Plan to purchase one Aqua Globe for each plant in your home or garden that needs watering. Aqua Globes can be used in both indoor and outdoor potted plants. They are also a great help for maintaining seedlings and young plants in your flower and vegetable gardens.

Press the stake end of the Aqua Globe into the soil about 2 inches from the plant, rotating slightly. Leaving a small space between the stake and your plant will help to ensure that the roots of the plant are not disturbed. To ensure deep root watering, the stake should be inserted fairly deep in the soil, until only the top portion is exposed.

Remove the globe portion of the watering system, by twisting slightly, until it slips off the stake. This should happen rather easily, without using any force.

Fill the globe with room temperature water. Water that is too hot or too cold can shock both indoor and outdoor plants, causing them to shrivel or wilt.

Place one finger over the fluted opening at the end of the glass receptacle, holding firmly. This will prevent water from spilling out when you turn the globe over.

Turn the globe over, so that the fluted opening lines up with the opening on the stake. Be sure to keep your finger over the opening to prevent loss of water.

Gently set the globe back in place on top of the stake. The fluted end of the globe will slide easily back into the opening in the stake.

Check the Aqua Globe weekly to ensure that it has an optimal amount of water. The glass globe will allow you to easily tell if the water supply is getting low.

Refill the Aqua Globe when the water appears to be low. Always remove the globe only, leaving the stake in place, undisturbed.

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