How to build a wooden bench

Are you planning to build a wooden bench? You will find that this is a very simple do-it-yourself project that anyone can do, whether or not you have any experience with carpentry before.

Have the wood pre-cut at the closest hardware store. This would eliminate the necessity of painstakingly measuring and cutting them yourself. The wood needs to be cut as per the size of the bench. Therefore, before you go to the store, you would need to finalise how big you want your bench to be.

When you ask to have the wood, pay close attention to what length they are cutting your 2 by 4s. These should be made about four inches shorter than the size you want your bench.

Build the frame in the shape of a rectangle and drill in the screws. As soon as you have the frame ready, put it flat on the floor upside down so you attach the legs. If you are on a low budget, the wood that is used for making fences is a good choice. Have this pre-cut as well. Otherwise, you could choose fancy ready-made legs as well. If you prefer, you could have regular 4x4s and have them precut as per your measurement. Have the screw holes pre-drilled through the frame and legs; insert the screws from outside.

Now turn the bench on its legs and add the 1x6s onto the wooden frame once again, through pre-drilled holes. Stabilise the seat with the help with the 3" screws. Stand back and admire your creation. It should be looking sturdy, beautiful and raw.

Take the sand paper and run it all over to remove all dust, grime and other particles. Apply primer and let it dry completely. Once this is done, paint it with whatever colour you fancy. Only be careful that the paint is oil or latex based since the bench would be kept outdoors.

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