How to Dress Like Tonks From Harry Potter

Tonks is a lovable character from the Harry Potter book series whose on-screen character is brilliant. She has an interesting taste in clothing, a quirky personality, and colour changing hair! Raid your wardrobe and you too can dress just like the offbeat Tonks. Just don't call her Nymphadora!

Dye your hair purple using temporary hair dye. This step should be done first since you'll want to wear old clothes that you don't mind if they get ruined. You can also use spray-on hair colour. It is not as lasting as the dye, but it's faster and it washes out in just one shower. If you favour the representation of Tonks from the books instead of the movies, you can opt for neon pink hair instead of purple.

Apply black eyeshadow on your eyes and slightly smudge it underneath your eyelids for a smoky look. Apply eyeliner and mascara if you want your eyeshadow to appear darker. Use foundation to even out your skin tone, and a clear lip gloss on your lips. This is all the make up you'll need for Tonks. The emphasis is on the eyes.

Pick out your clothing with a mismatched, almost punk feel, in mind. The character of Tonks in the movies wears lots of black in many layers. For my own costume I picked out a black miniskirt over fishnet tights with holes in them, a long sleeved black shirt that hung like a robe which I wore over a purple tank top made to look like a corset. You can mix and match your clothing to create what you think looks the most like Tonks to you. If you're stumped for ideas, try throwing a black trench coat, or robe, over some black trousers. It's cheaper and still makes you look mysterious.

Finally, no wizard would be complete without her wand! Just find a thin, straight stick out in the woods and whittle the bark off. Or buy a thin dowel rod from your local craft store and decorate it however you wish. To finish off your costume, add some black shoes, and some black gloves with the fingers cut off. These can be found in the mall, especially at stores like Hot Topic. The gloves are key to your look, and can be either cloth or leather.