How to tell your parents that you have a boyfriend

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Getting a boyfriend is a monumental event in your life, and for your parents as well. Parents want their children to be happy. They also want what is best for them. That means they want you to have the best boyfriend you can get.

Often, this is shown by being overly sceptical about each and every boyfriend you bring home. While some scepticism is natural for parents, a lot of it can be avoided by the way you introduce the subject.

Call or visit your parents, depending on how close in proximity you live. If it is natural to stop by every once and awhile, stop by in person. If you live over an hour away, however, call your parents on the phone.

Talk about your day, your job, your friends, anything you would talk about during a regular conversation. The first topic of conversation should not be your boyfriend. Warm your parents up a bit. This should take about five or 10 minutes.

State, "I met someone that I've been dating." Say this statement in a relaxed tone and wait for the response. Many parents will respond with lots of questions. Others will let you do the talking.

Tell your parents something wonderful about your boyfriend. Is his profession special? Does he volunteer at the animal shelter? Does he own a successful business? It is best to know what you will say before you call your parents. That way you are armed with positive attributes.

Let your parents know how much you like your boyfriend. Make it absolutely clear that you are happy and that your boyfriend makes you happy. Most of the time, this is all parents need to hear to be happy for their children.