How to bring out hazel eyes

Eyes Hazel image by Tinu from

The description of hazel eyes varies. While some say hazel eyes are a golden green, others say the eye colour is more of a brown with a touch of gold. Either way, the colour is very attractive, with a sparkle that seems to change with the environment.

Make-up and wardrobe can do wonders for hazel eyes, enhancing their beauty and brightening their hue. Some colours can make hazel eyes really stand out.

Stay away from blue in eye shadows and your wardrobe.

Pick neutral tones of eye shadow, such as, browns and deep greens. Purples, pinks and rose colours are also good choices for hazel eyes. Steer clear of colours that are too vibrant.

Try a red lipstick, which can make hazel eyes sparkle. Try a red lip gloss for a more sheer look.

Try some red highlights in your hair.

Get some purple clothes and think about adding some golds, browns, tans and any shade of green.