How to repel cats

Cats can be a nuisance. Sure, they can be cute and cuddly, but they can also be smelly and destructive. Even if you do not own a cat, you may still find yourself falling victim to their antics, especially if there are stray cats living in or near your neighbourhood. They will tear up your garbage, or spray your property with a foul odour, or even just keep you up all night with their fights and cat calls. If cats have become a problem around your home and you want to keep them at bay, these simple steps will help teach you how to repel the cats once and for all.

Put your old coffee grounds to use. If you drink coffee, you probably either throw your used coffee grounds in the garbage, or perhaps add them to a compost heap. These coffee grounds could actually be put to use keeping cats away from your property. Simply sprinkle the coffee grounds around the border of your property, and they will serve as an invisible fence to keep cats away. The coffee odour that repels cats will eventually fade in the sun, or the grounds will be washed away when it rains, but it is usually easy to keep an effective barrier around your property that cats will stay away from and humans will not notice.

Plant marigolds. Something about the smell of marigolds will repel cats naturally. Whether they find the odour offensive or associate it with an enemy is unknown, but what is known is that cats will almost always stay out of your yard if you have a lot of marigolds planted. Not only will planting marigolds repel the cats, but it will beautify your home as well. Plant flower beds around your house and along the edges of sidewalks and driveways to repel cats with this all-natural remedy.

Spray them with water. To repel a cat you must think like a cat. Get inside the cat’s head and think about what they fear most and few things are as fearful to a cat as water. If you see a cat in your yard, open the door and toss a cup of water in their direction, shoot them with a water gun, or spray them with the water hose. It does not harm the cat or cause any damage, but it will scare them away. If they return, spray them again. If they are sprayed with water every time they enter your yard, it will not take long before they figure out that they are not welcomed.

Get a dog. If all else fails, get a dog. You do not have to get the biggest, most vicious dog on the planet, but a territorial breed of dog may be helpful. Any dog that barks will generally repel cats easily. The main issue with dogs is to not enter into the decision lightly. You should get a dog because you want companionship and to have a loyal pet. While dogs are a great way to repel cats, having a dog for the sole purpose of repelling cats is probably not the best solution to the problem.

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