How to make a model plane with matchsticks

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Matchstick models are scale replications. The models can be sealed as natural wood or painted to resemble the actual model. Here you will learn how to make a model plane with matchsticks.

Purchase special craft matchsticks that don't have flammable heads. These can be found at craft stores. A bag of 200 or more sticks is generally needed for one project.

Use cardboard as a simple blueprint material. Using a stencil, draw the general shape of each part of an aeroplane, then use a knife to cut them out. Assemble the cardboard into the shape of the final product and make any design modifications at this time.

Place matchsticks over the cardboard shapes. Cut away extra wood with the knife. Use sandpaper to smooth the rough ends. Lay them neatly over the cardboard stencils.

Mix wood glue with a small amount of water inside a bowl. Use a small paint brush or finger to spread the glue over the sticks. Do this to all the pieces. Place in a warm area to dry.

Assemble the dried pieces with glue and wait for them to dry. When finished, use either sealant or paint to make the model permanent.

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