How to open a locked safe

Opening a locked safe has been a mystery for most law-abiding citizens for as long as safes have existed. As technology becomes more sophisticated, so have the methods for locking up valuables. However, once in a while you need to enter a safe for valid reasons. Perhaps the combination is lost or the key is locked inside. When this happens, you have a few options in regard to opening that safe.

Drill into the safe. This method involves knowing the precise angle that is needed in order to successfully drill a hole through the safe’s locking mechanism. In order to accomplish this, you will need a drill extension and a diamond tipped bit to chew through the thick metal.

Use a blowtorch. This has been known to work on smaller home safes. A blowtorch creates a point of heat so high that it melts through metal. Take your blowtorch and cut through the area surrounding the lock until the lock is detached from the safe and the door can be opened.

Choose explosives when you simply want to get the door open and don’t care about the contents, or when the safe is so large it won’t matter. If you are a licensed explosives handler, simply apply a small amount of nitroglycerine, or dynamite, near the lock and hinges. Stand clear and detonate.

Learn how to manipulate a combination lock. By learning the tendencies of a lock, and how to listen, and feel, for a combination, you can easily open a safe.

Line up the safe in your gun sight when all else fails. Frustrated safe crackers have often turned to weapons in times of desperation. A high calibre, military-grade weapon, such as an anti-tank gun, will easily penetrate the safe and blow the door off.

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