How to Install a Semi-Integrated Dishwasher

Installing an semi-integrated dishwater is a lot like putting in an integrated dishwasher in that both require a power and water supply. The best place for installation is by the sink.

Set the semi-integrated dishwasher on the ground in front of the place where you will be installing it. Put the dishwasher on its back, with the front facing up.

Connect the drain hose with a compression clamp. Fit the "l" shaped brass fitting (the one with a 90-degree angle) onto the back of the dishwasher.

Tip the dishwasher forward and stand it up. Locate the water line and feed it beneath the sink. Attach it to the hot water valve.

Recruit someone to put the drain hose under the sink, and then make sure it remains in the proper position as you slide the dishwasher back into the opening in the counter.

Secure the brass fitting to the water line by going beneath the appliance, and then thread the electrical cord through the retaining sleeve. Adjust the sleeve as needed.

Connect the green ground wire. Connect the other wires as you install the dishwasher.

Affix the drain hose to the waste water, and then open the valve for the hot water and check for any leaks. Run the dishwater to see if there are any leaks in the machine itself.

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