How to install concrete roofing tiles

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Concrete roofing tiles can withstand most harsh climates. You can drastically reduce the cost of having to maintain your roof by using concrete roofing tiles. If hiring a professional roofer is out of your budget, you can install your concrete roofing tiles yourself.

Find out the local building codes for your area. If you are in a conservation area or if your building is listed, you will need special permission to change the roof tiles.

Read the manufacturer's directions that come with your concrete roofing tiles. Some concrete roofing tiles have special instructions that must be followed to ensure proper installation.

Check the local forecast. Pick a sunny day to install the concrete roofing tiles. It is a good idea to make sure that it will be sunny for at least two days after the installation. This will give the adhesive time to dry completely.

Work from the bottom of your roof to the top on the front and back. If you are installing a flat concrete roof, work from the outside to the inside in a square pattern. This will allow water to flow off the roof.

Use mortar to install the outer ring of concrete roofing tiles. To do this, you must apply the mortar to the back of the tiles using a serrated dowel. Lay the tile down flat onto the roofing base.

Apply concrete tile adhesive or asphalt plastic roof cement to the tiles in the middle part of the roof. Consult with someone at your local DIY center or roofing center to determine which adhesive is right for you. Once you do this, you lay the tile against the roofing base. The bottom of each tile should overlap the tile below it.

Install V shaped tiles where the tiles from the front of your roof and the back of your roof meet. You will need to apply mortar on these tiles since they will be subject to more of the elements than the inner laying tiles.

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