How to get a slim waist

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Everyone wants a slim waist. Yet, many believe it is an impossible dream.

It isn't impossible to have a slim waist, but it does require a willingness to change and a dedication to learn the correct eating habits along with committing to a regular exercise program.

Eat the correct foods. If you eat high-calorie and high-fat foods, these foods will turn into fat deposits within in your body. These deposits can accumulate anywhere, especially around your waist.

What should you eat? You should eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. You should eat some protein daily. Protein is enriched in foods like beans, eggs and fish. Protein is what fuels our bodies and give us energy.

Make sure you drink those eight glasses of water a day.

Water will help cleanse our body. A body that is cleansed properly is being regulated properly. This means our bowels are happy and our stomach will look flatter.

Learn and do the right exercises for your stomach.

There is no getting around it. You must exercise to have a flat and slim looking waist. This means you may have to do those crunches and you may have to do those stretches.

Here are two great stomach exercises that you may even learn to like or at least endure.

Basic crunch (protecting your neck):

Lie on the floor (or on a mat) on your back.

Bend legs, feet on the floor.

Cross hands behind your head in a manner that will protect your neck.

Slowly pull yourself up to sitting position.

Pull, by using your stomach muscles, not your back.

Do this slowly.

Slowly return to starting position.


Crunch with a bit more added resistance.

Begin as you did the previous exercise.

This time as you come up, only come up half way.

Hold the pose.

Count to 10

Pull yourself up the rest of the way.

Slowly return to the floor.


Exercise your oblique muscles.

Your oblique muscles are the muscles that run along the side of your waist. You must exercise these as well, if you want a slim waistline.

Here is one exercise to try that works your stomach and oblique muscles:

Crunches with a twist.

Lie on the floor (same position as basic crunch).

Hands back behind your head (to protect your neck).

Knees bent. Feet placed firmly on the floor.

Slowly pull, your right shoulder up and attempt to bring it close to your left knee.


Slowly release back toward starting position.

Now slowly pull your left shoulder up and attempt to bring it close to your right knee.


Slowly release back toward starting position.

Repeat, remembering to allow your stomach muscles to do the work, not your back.

Do aerobic activity. Spot exercises is not the only type of exercise you need to be doing to have a slim waist. You need to be participating in some aerobic activity on a regular basis (at least three times a week) too.

This could be anything that gets your heart rate up, including biking, dancing, running, jogging, hiking or even walking.

Just keep moving. By moving you are burning calories that won't be allowed to take up residence in and around your waist.

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