How to Make a Neck Roll Pillow

Neck pain is often caused by sleeping on pillows that don’t offer enough support of the cervical (neck) vertebrae. When the neck is improperly supported during sleep, muscles around the neck will tense. Neck roll pillows can help alleviate neck stiffness and pain by keeping the neck properly aligned.

You can buy a neck roll pillow in many places that sell pillows. However, you can save yourself a lot of money by making your own at home. You don’t even have to be a good seamstress to make a great quality pillow that will give you the support you need. Read on to learn how to make a neck pillow.

Turn a pillow case inside out and, using a yardstick or ruler to maintain a straight line, mark a straight line down the centre, lengthwise.

Pin the pillowcase with straight pins along both sides of the line to keep the front and back of the pillowcase from separating. Cut the pillowcase along the centre line you have drawn. Now the pillowcase will have two areas of open fabric—one side of the length of the pillow and one end. Remove the straight pins and proceed to the next step.

Hand-sew or machine sew the length side you’ve just cut. If you sew the pillow by hand, make sure you double back when you stitch so that there are not gaps. Before turning the pillow right-side out, hem—but don’t close—the open end.

Turn the pillow case right side out now and check the stitching to make sure it is secure. Your pillowcase should now resemble a flattened, empty tube. Before stuffing it, tie the factory sewn end of the pillow case about 3 inches from the end with ribbon or cord.

Hold the corded end of the pillowcase in one hand (hold it as if you were holding an ice cream cone) and, with your other hand, take one handful of pillow stuffing and push it down toward the bottom of the case. You are creating a circular base for the rest of the stuffing so that the pillow will be tubular.

Continue stuffing the pillow with the pillow stuffing. Make sure it is very tightly packed in. The filling will be pressed down with use, so the more filling you stuff in now the better. When you have stuffed it tightly, up to 3 inches from the open end of the case, tie the open end with ribbon or cord.