How to Clean a Dog's Runny Eyes

Dogs make wonderful pets; however grooming them can be difficult. Here is how to safely clean your dog's runny eyes wit minimal difficulty. Every dog is different, but most dogs respond to this method well.

Calm your dog down by sitting them down and talking to them soothingly. Show your dog the treat that he/she will receive if he/she behaves. Put the treat up high or somewhere out of reach for your dog.

Take the dog eye wipe, and gently wipe your dog's eyes, holding him/her firmly, yet still talking to them calmly. Wipe each eye a few times.

Take your damp tissue and wipe off any excess "eye goo." Continue to calm your dog down by talking to him/her during the process. Pet your dog many times after you are finished with the tissue.

Take that treat down and make a VERY big deal when handing it to your dog. Make sure the dog feels proud and excited about his/her good behaviour.

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