How to Clean a Silk Tie

Silk ties aren't really meant to be cleaned, even by a dry cleaner. However, ties can get dirty especially over meal time. If you need to clean your tie, here are some helpful hints.

Act immediately.

Resist the temptation to expose a silk tie to water.

Use a white paper towel to dab a small amount of stain remover onto the stain.

Blot with the paper towel.

Have the tie professionally dry-cleaned if you haven't gotten rid of the stain.

Keep in mind that a stain remover may discolor a silk tie slightly. Even dry-cleaning may harm your tie.

Treat your ties with a specialized fabric protection spray before wearing them.

Avoid tie-threatening situations, such as open soup bowls, ketchup or mustard packets, and babies.

Loosely roll ties to store them, rather than hanging them. Tie rolls should be loose to avoid wrinkling; hanging ties can leave creases.

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