How to fry an egg

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There's nothing like a fried egg in the morning ... with some toast and coffee ... mmm. This shouldn't take you too long to learn and there's always room for adding your own flair since it's a recipe. Enjoy your fried eggs.

Over medium heat, warm a small amount of oil or butter, in a small (20 cm / 8-inch) frying pan, or spray the pan with nonstick cooking spray.

Crack an egg into the pan.

Cook until the white appears solid, about 3 to 4 minutes.

For basted eggs, put 5 g (1 tsp) or so of melted butter over the yolk.

For eggs sunny-side up, remove the egg from the pan with a spatula and serve.

For eggs over easy, carefully flip the egg over onto the yolk side and cook another minute or two. (You'll probably want to turn the egg after 2 to 3 minutes, instead of 3 to 4, depending on how well done you like your eggs).