How to Make a Built-In Wardrobe Closet

If you are organizing your wardrobe and find that the space is not adequate, build a closet to fit your needs. You can hire a designer, purchase one already assembled or install the closet yourself with minimal carpentry skills.

Remove items from the closet. Sort through the items you want to keep and throw away. Analyze how you can use the space and make it fit your needs.

Try ready built units and shelving if you do not want to do major construction. Buy organizers that accommodate your clothing. Hire a designer.

Make a sketch of your new wardrobe closet. Measure the length, width and depth of the closet you are building.

Prepare the walls for framing. Mark the positions.

Use 2x4's to build the framing. The inside depth should be at least 27 inches and the height about 1/4 of an inch shorter than the ceiling. Connect the frame to the walls.

Add wall covering for the final touch and paint. Hang the doors and include some closet rods.

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