How to Wear Eye Makeup When Suffering From Blepharitis

Suffering from blepharitis is frustrating. The constant affliction of itchy, flaky eyelids can leave you never wanting to wear eye make-up again. Taking some simple steps can lessen the reaction your eyes have to wearing make-up when you have blepharitis.

Refrain from wearing any eye make-up when an actual outbreak occurs. Clean your eye lids twice a day using baby shampoo and wait for the episode to end.

Purchase new eye make-up brushes and applicators because your current ones are probably contaminated. Purchase a brush cleansing solution.

Throw away your current eye make-up because it is probably contaminated as well and purchase new hypoallergenic eye shadow and liner. Almay products are typically hypoallergenic.

Apply your new make-up using your new brush and applicator. Clean the brush and applicator in the cleansing solution when you are finished.

Remove your eye make-up at the end of the day with a hypoallergenic eye make-up remover.