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How to Swim With Dolphins in England

Updated November 21, 2016

If you are trying to plan a vacation that your whole family will be talking about for the rest of their lives, you might consider a vacation swimming with dolphins in England. However, before going on a vacation that is spent swimming with dolphins off of England's coast there are several things you need to think about first. Many people claim that swimming with dolphins is an excellent way to treat depression.

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  1. Plan ahead. While dolphins are can be found swimming and playing along England's coast, they aren't always easy to spot. Dolphins are more likely to be spotted during the summer months than they are in the winter months when they migrate towards warmer waters. Wild dolphins have been seen all along England's coast but they are most frequently spotted near Fistral Beach and the Devon Cliffs.

  2. Look for a travel company that is kid friendly. Make sure that they know that you are travelling with a young child who will want to swim with the dolphins.

  3. Avoid any tour company that uses a fleet of speed boats to hem in a pod of wild dolphins so their clients can swim with them. Corralling the wild dolphins not only stresses the animals, it can provoke them into behaving in a manner that is not normally seen in the other wise gentle animal.

  4. Make sure you are wearing a life jacket. You might be the strongest, most experienced swimmer in the world but you should still wear a life jacket when you are swimming with dolphins. Even the most experienced swimmer can tire or be caught off guard by an unexpected riptide.

  5. Make sure that you and your children know what to do if you do get caught in a rip current. The proper way to handle yourself in a rip current is to not panic, swim towards the shoreline in a diagonal fashion swimming across, not against, the rip current, treading water and float.

  6. Don't rely exclusively on your tour guide to teach you every thing you need to know about swimming with dolphins. You should do plenty of research and learn about their behaviour before you leave on your holiday.

  7. Don't force the issue. The most important thing to remember when swimming with dolphins that are living off of England's coast is to not force yourself on a wild dolphin. If the dolphin you are swimming with wants to swim away from you. let it. The worse thing you can do is make the dolphin feel like it is trapped.

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