How to treat a tooth abscess

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A tooth abscess can happen to anyone at any time. The situation can become very painful and frightening, as facial swelling often occurs as a result of an abscess.

It's highly recommended that anyone suffering with an abscess make an immediate appointment with a dentist, as further complications--such as the spreading of an infection--can result from an untreated abscess.\nFortunately, there are several safe, temporary treatments that you can try at home. These methods will not solve your problem, but they will provide you with some relief until you can visit the dentist.

Take one garlic capsule three times per day to fight infection naturally, as garlic is a natural antibiotic.

Take one 1000 mg capsule of vitamin C three times per day to boost your immune system to fight infection.

Create a paste consisting of half baking soda and a half salt. Dip a wet cotton ball into the paste and place it inside of your mouth (between the tooth and cheek). Keep it in your mouth--in the same place--for 45 minutes. This will draw the infection out of your mouth.

Sprinkle a dry teabag with salt. Place the teabag inside of your mouth beside the infected tooth. Leave the teabag inside of your mouth for one to two hours. It will be painful, but it will help to draw out the infection.

Rub clove powder on and around the tooth abscess to provide temporary relief.

Apply a cotton ball or gauze moistened with Anbesol or Orajel directly to the tooth that's causing pain.

Take Ibuprofen for pain, as needed.

Apply an icepack to the face to reduce facial swelling.