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How to Train a Newborn Puppy to Sleep Through the Night

Updated April 17, 2017

Having a newborn puppy can be fun, but frustrating at the same time. When the puppy is newborn, they will stay with their mother during the night. However, after a few weeks the mother will start to leave them for longer periods of time. Even if you are selling the puppy after he is 8 weeks old, you will still need to get him to sleep through the night for a few weeks before he leaves your care.

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  1. Put the litter of puppies in a box that they can't get out of; make sure that it is lined with soft blankets or towels.

  2. Make sure that the mother dog can get in and out of the box comfortably, but provide her with a place to sleep that is not in the box, in case she would like to take a break.

  3. Make a nest for the litter of puppies so that they will be more comfortable.

  4. Add a ticking clock wrapped in a big towel at the end of the box. The puppies will snuggle against it if they miss their mother.

  5. Add a hot water bottle or heating pad with the ticking clock if the puppies still don't sleep through the night.

  6. Getting one puppy to sleep is harder. Put the kennel near to your bed, so that you can be near him.

  7. Make sure that the mother has access to him at all times, but also provide her with a place to sleep if she wants a break from him.

  8. Put a hot water bottle or heating pad at one end of the box. The heating pad will last longer, but the water bottle feels more like a mother dog.

  9. Feed the puppy some warm puppy milk right before he should be going to sleep.

  10. Turn off the light when it is time to go to bed.

  11. Move the puppy toward the warm area of the box and make sure that he is snuggled up against it.

  12. Go to bed and make sure that the box is in your sight. If the puppy makes noises, ignore them for a few minutes.

  13. If the puppy continues to cry, go to him and pet him to soothe him. Keep him in the box, and make sure that the water bottle or heating pad is still warm.

  14. Speak soothingly to the puppy and make sure that he knows you are there.

  15. Tip

    If the puppy can see you in bed, and you look like you are sleeping, he will probably calm down and do the same.

    Use small amounts of puppy milk to soothe him, this is what his mother does.

    Keep a night light near the box, but don't have it too bright.

    Some puppies prefer a kennel with a roof so that they can have a den. You might need to make one.


    Don't yell at your puppy or get mad at him - he can't help it!

    Never tie a mother dog into a kennel with her puppy.

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Things You'll Need

  • Hot water bottle or heating pad
  • Small kennel
  • Soft blankets
  • Ticking clock

About the Author

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