How to Get Rid of Mint Plant Pests

Mint plants are easy to grow even for the horticulturally challenged. Mint plants are available in a variety of scents, including chocolate, apple and peppermint, so there is sure to be a scent to please everyone. Very few pests bother mint plants, which makes them a great companion plant. The pests to watch for are whiteflies, spider mites, aphids and thrips, which are easy to eliminate using earth-friendly, natural methods.

Control pests on edible mint plants by using a combination of yellow sticky traps and beneficial bugs. It is possible to control whitefly, aphids, spider mites and cucumeris bug outbreaks using natural pest control options instead of the strong chemicals used in pesticides.

Spray the mint plants with an insecticidal soap for quicker results. Test the solution on 1 or 2 leaves before using it on the entire mint plant to make sure the insecticidal soap will not burn the leaves. If the solution is too strong the leaves on the plant will turn brown.

Blast troublesome spider mites off the leaves of the mint plants using a strong steam of water. Spider mites are tiny red bugs that build a web on the plant.

Complete the natural pest control method chosen by continuing to follow the routine on a regular basis over a several week period. This will insure all of the pests and their eggs are gone.

Check mint plants weekly once they are clean of pests to make sure no new pests have tried to use the mint plants as their host.

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