How to make gazebo canopy curtains

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Gazebo canopies are a type of outdoor structure that can cover a small patio area. Typically the gazebo canopy has a metal frame. The roof of the frame has outdoor fabric covering it. You can stake the legs of the structure in a lawn or bolt them to a deck. The canopy provides summer shade and some protection from rain. Often you store the canopy top over the winter in a garage or shed. You can add curtains to the gazebo so long as they are fairly lightweight.

Measure the width of the side of the gazebo. Measure the height from the bottom of the canopy top to the ground. Each curtain panel should fit these measurements. This will allow each panel to gather at twice its length since you will use two panels per side.

Select a lightweight fabric that is durable. Outdoor fabrics will not drape well and most fabrics like poly blended cottons are fine although they will fade over time. Pre-wash your fabric. Cut your fabric panel.

Fold each edge over 1.2 cm (1/2 inch) and then fold the fold 1.2 cm (1/2 inch). Sew a seam. Repeat for all four sides of the curtain panel.

Thread 3 mm (1/8 inch) steel cable around the gazebo frame as close to the corner as possible and near the bottom edge of the canopy cover. If necessary, drill a hole in the leg. Bring the cable back toward the centre. Place crimps over the cable and cable end and use a crimping tool to bind the end to the cable.

Thread the same cable through a support midway to the next leg. Attach the cable to the next leg the same as you did the first time. Stretch the cable before you crimp to make the cable as taut as you can. Repeat for each side of the gazebo.

Place 10 curtain rings on each half of the cable on each side. This means each side of the gazebo will use 20 rings. Attach your curtain to the rings by the dangling alligator clips. Evenly space the clips along the top edge of the fabric. The curtain will glide on the cable.

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