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How to meet older rich women

Updated February 21, 2017

Older rich women have it made. They are secure, mature and have plenty of money. Many of them are also looking for someone to spend it on, often a much younger man. If you think you are that man, and don’t mind the term “boy toy,” an older rich woman may be the lady for you. You can meet older rich women with some common sense and a few simple steps.

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  1. Know where to go. Exclusive golf courses, country clubs, yacht clubs and elegant black-tie affairs are all good bets for meeting older rich women. If you are good looking enough in a tux, you can even steal them from their elegant black-tie affair date. If they are old enough to be retired, the golf course is an especially good bet in the middle of the day.

  2. Approach them properly. Don't run up to the woman with money symbols in your eyes. Be cool, calm, collected and tell her you've never seen a more glamorous, put-together woman.

  3. Let them know what you want. Don't be too forward but don't be shy. Simply get the point across, such as "It's always been my dream to date a secure, mature and put-together woman who is wiser and sexier than all those bimbos I always meet."

  4. Wow her, woo her and court her. Special gifts, constant attention and calling just to say you love her will help win the woman's heart. An older rich woman may even appreciate some of the more immature antics, such as singing to her under her bedroom window, because those actions are most likely a novelty.

  5. Have fun and disregard the disapproval of others. Even if your family is horrified, your ex-girlfriend is making fun of you and your friends are putting you down, don't listen to them if you've truly found the older rich woman who makes you happy.

  6. Tip

    People are going to stare in public. Let them. Let them whisper, too. If anyone starts getting too annoying about your relationship with an older rich woman, just remind the person of all the perks. These could include gourmet dining, the best wines and trips around the world with a woman who can actually hold a conversation.


    Don't use women of any age!

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