How to Cover Bleach Stains On Clothes

After a long day of cleaning, your moment of satisfaction quickly wanes as you discover that your favourite shirt now has a bleach stain splodged right across the middle. Do not despair. There are several methods that you can try to save your shirt from a bleach attack.

One of the easiest ways to cover up a bleach stain, is to find a marker in the same colour as the fabric of your stained item and fill in the white part. This is the best method if the stain is small and not in a conspicuous area, the colour of your item is a common one, such as a true red, and the fabric is textured, such as a knit sweater or is of a busy pattern. Look for markers that are permanent, not the washable kind that your children may have in their art supplies. If possible, test the marker on a similar type of fabric to compare its colour to that of your damaged item.

For larger stains on solid coloured fabrics, consider changing the colour of the item. This works best with smoother fabrics, such as a cotton T-shirt. Let the item soak overnight in the washing machine or sink filled with hot water and bleach. Be sure that the item is completely saturated. This will even out the colour, but it may be a very strange shade. If after bleaching, you are not satisfied with the colour, pick up some dye at your local grocery store in a colour that you would like and follow the instructions on the box. Keep in mind that darker dyes work better.

Another method to try if you are feeling creative, is to use a bleach pen. There are several inexpensive choices on the market. Simply use the bleach pen to make more marks like the stain, creating an overall pattern. This can work on both solid and patterned items. You may end up liking your shirt even more than you did before.

There are several ways to simply cover up the stain if you are afraid to try any of the other methods. Depending on where the stain is located, it can be masked with a pin, scarf, belt or iron on patch. Perhaps there is a way to wear the item differently so that the stain does not show. Roll up the sleeves or waistband, gather the shirt hem into a knot for a belly baring look or put another item on top of the stained item, as in a tank top over another tank top, a short sleeved T-shirt over a long sleeved T-shirt or a sweater over a collared shirt.

Consider also, modifying the item by removing the portion that is stained. Turn a dress into a skirt, a skirt into a scarf or try an '80s look by cutting holes all over your T-shirt. Sleeves can be cut off of T-shirts, legs cut off of trousers and skirts shortened. Have fun and be creative. At worst, you had fun with a failed art project and at best, you have a new and completely unique item of clothing to wear.

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