How to make budgies nesting boxes

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Budgies or parakeets are a popular pet bird native to Australia. Budgies do not build nests in the wild with assorted materials, rather they hollow out a small area and lay their eggs on the hard surface. Such areas can include a hole in the ground, a hole in a tree, or a crevice of a rock. Budgies are colony breeders and as such it is better to have more than one pair of budgies for breeding purposes. There are numerous options for creating budgie nesting boxes, however, a small woven basket is the easiest and least expensive.

Buy small woven baskets to make simple nests for your budgies. Find a basket that is 12.5 cm (5 inches) in diameter with a rounded bottom which will keep bird eggs from rolling around. If the basket comes with a cover remove it.

Use an sharp knife to cut a hole in one side of the basket. Make this hole 5 cm (2 inches) from the rounded bottom of the basket. The hole itself should be 3.8 cm (1 1/2) inches wide.

Place metal hooks in the side of the basket between the hole and attach it to the side of the cage. Ensure the that basket is securely attached and will not fall down. Place the basket in an area where you will be able to see the eggs through the hole you cut.

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