How to create a Hagrid costume

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If you have an affinity for magical creatures like Hippogriffs and Acromantulas, then perhaps you should consider donning a Rubeus Hagrid costume for your next costume party. More commonly referred to as Hagrid, transforming yourself into this lovable half giant of the infamous Harry Potter series is easy with the right accessories.

Layer your clothing. The T-shirt should hang out over the trousers and the belt should cinch at the waist. The vest should remain unfastened in the front so the belt will show. The coat and boots should be sloppy as well.

Create the illusion that you are larger than life. Hagrid is a half giant and as such he towers over everyone around him. When choosing your clothes, find things that are larger than you would normally wear to help create the affect that you--like the real Hagrid--are humongous.

Get dirty. Hagrid is not known for being neat and tidy in appearance. The more worn and faded and even dirty you can make your clothes, the better.

Fill the pockets of the trench coat. Hagrid carries a little bit of everything with him wherever he goes. Stuff your coat pockets with keys, crinkled rolls of parchment paper, a quill, coins, food, tea and anything else fitting to this gentle giant.

Keep the umbrella visible and at your side. Hagrid's broken wand is tucked into the pink umbrella he carries so it deserves a prominent place in your costume.

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