How to Make a Backyard Wrestling Ring

Making a wrestling ring is a fairly safe way to practice imitating your favorite pro wrestler's moves. You can build a wrestling ring in one afternoon. Remember that even in a wrestling ring, you must always follow safety precautions.

Pick a suitable location. The area should be flat and free of sharp objects such as rocks or sticks.

Decide on the measurements for your ring. The measurements will depend on the amount of space you have available for the wrestling ring. Measure the area using a measuring tape in order to get exact measurements.

Cut a piece of foam using a cutting instrument such as a knife, scissors or saw to fit in your ring. The foam should be at least 2 inches thick. If foam that thick is unavailable in your area, you can glue pieces of thinner foam on top of one another until the foam is at least 2 inches thick.

Cover the foam in a waterproof material. You can sew tarps together by using a sewing machine if necessary to cover the entire piece of foam. The material should surround the entire piece of foam. Sew the edges together to keep the foam dry even if it rains.

Lay a piece of plywood that is the same size as the foam on the ground. This will serve as the base for your mat. Place the foam on the plywood. You can glue the foam onto the plywood if desired.

Dig a hole at each corner of the plywood base using a post hole digger. The hole should be at least 1 foot deep so that the corner posts stay stationary.

Place one of the corner posts into each hole. Fill around the corner post using dirt or cement.

Cover each corner post in foam. You should cover the foam in the same way you covered the foam for the mat. You can glue the foam to the corner post or you can use elastic bands to keep it stationary.

Attach hooks to the outer corner of each corner post. Make sure that you measure the height of each hook on the first post so you can place the posts at the same heights on the other three posts. These will be used to secure the bungee cords or ropes that form the outer boundary for your ring. The number of hooks needed will depend on how many ropes you want for your ring. Between three and five rows of ropes are normal.

Thread the ropes or bungee cords through the hooks. You can loop the bungee cord or rope around each corner post if desired.

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