How to Choose a Replica Designer Handbag Seller

Replicas of designer handbags are currently a hot ticket item with thousands of people selling the products. But the last thing you want is a handbag that falls apart right after you buy it. So you need to find a reputable seller and one with a history of offering good products.

Scrutinize the images the seller uploads of the handbags, and compare those pictures with other products available from that seller. You want a seller who uses unique pictures every time and not the same photos for all of the sales. Stock photos can indicate that the actual product differs from what is shown.

Look for any signs of damage in the photo, and check if there are tags attached to the bag. This allows you to see the condition and make sure the bag is brand new, which the seller should guarantee.

Buy from sellers located in the United States and preferably close to your location. Shipping from a foreign country is quite expensive, after all. More important, the U.S. government is cracking down on inappropriate imports, and you could lose your money in an international sale.

Read what other customers have to say by looking at reviews and the feedback they left. If you see a number of former customers complaining about the quality of the handbags and the poor service they received, keep looking.

Look at what the sellers say about their handbags before making a purchase. The seller who uses a clear description of the bag and information relating to shipping costs is more dependable than the seller who refers you to the pictures.

Check out the return policy of the sellers and make sure they allow refunds or exchanges. If the handbag arrives in poor condition or has severe damage, you want to be sure you can return it.

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