How to Get Stubborn Puppy to Walk On Leash

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If you have a stubborn dog, you know how frustrating it can be to get it to go for a walk. If your walks end with you carrying the dog or the dog walking you, something isn't right. Proper training will have your stubborn puppy walking alongside you in no time.

Put a flat nylon collar on your puppy and leave it on for a few days, so it can get used to the collar. After a few days, your puppy won't even notice it's there.

Attach a light cotton rope to the collar and let your puppy carry it around for a day. The rope won't overwhelm your puppy, and it will get used to having something attached to its collar.

Swap the light rope for a leash.

Let your puppy trail the leash around for a few minutes, then pick up the end.

Allow the puppy to lead you around for a few minutes. Don't apply any force, simply hold the end of the leash.

Call the puppy to you. Do not pull it toward you, but don't allow it to pull away from you. Praise your puppy if it comes to you and award it with a treat.

Take more steps backward and keep telling the puppy to come to you. Eventually, you can turn and take steps away from the puppy to see if it will follow you.

Repeat these steps until your puppy understands the concept of walking on a leash.

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