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How to Create a Sirius Black Costume

Updated April 17, 2017

Sirius Black had been the wrongly-accused prisoner of Azkaban for twelve long and tiring years before he escaped, it’s no wonder that he is sort of weathered looking. Even after years, he still has an exceptional talent with magic. Being an Animagus, he can change into Padfoot, a big black phantom-like dog, in an instant to disguise himself.

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  1. Buy or sew a basic prisoner suit. Sirius has been imprisoned for many years and his clothes are tattered and worn, so you should try to age the fabric by soaking them in a strong tea bath. Use numerous tea bags in boiling water and then soak for about an hour or until the fabric is stained. You can repeat after it is dry, if you would like it to be darker.

  2. Distress all of the edges of your Sirius Black costume. You can use a razor or a box cutter to make the edges frayed. You should cut the front of the shirt vertically, down the middle, so that it has an opening. Tack on a few one inch strips of fabric to each side of the opening and tie them together.

  3. Create the Sirius Black messy hair look. Get a long black wig with no fringe from a costume store and tease it if you want to make it look even messier. Sirius also has a beard, moustache and a soul patch. You can purchase the beard and moustache together at costume stores and cut a small piece for the soul patch.

  4. Give Sirius a couple of tattoos. On the chest of Sirius Black, there are some tattoos that are visible through his open shirt just below his neck. The symbols are not in the Harry Potter book series, however, they are on the character in the movies and can be seen in most pictures of Gary Oldman while in his costume of Sirius Black.

  5. Add a black dog tail to the seat of the trousers, exemplifying the Padfoot persona. Buy a black animal tail from the costume store. If it is the kind that you tie on, remove the tail from the straps and sew it to the back end of the prisoner trousers.

  6. Make the mug shot tag as seen in the famous “wanted” poster. Take a piece of cardboard and copy the letter and numbers shown in the picture and write “Azkaban Prison” at the very top; use string to tie it onto yourself unless you want to carry it.

  7. Bring Harry, Hermione and Ron with you. You will have a great time when you create a Sirius Black costume and have your friends dress as Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.

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