How to make a Cleopatra costume without sewing

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Cleopatra is a great costume to wear for Halloween or Fancy Dress parties, and it is very easy to make at home without any sewing. The important parts of a Cleopatra costume are the accessories, so start with a basic dress and glamour it up with some home-made gold jewellery. Soon you will be the Queen of the Nile.

Find a sleeveless, ankle-length dress, preferably in white or gold -- a nightgown works perfectly -- or wrap a white sheet around yourself like a toga. Make a belt out of a sash, spare remnant of fabric or a long piece of rope. Tie around your waist, knotting in the front, and allow one end to hang down almost to the floor.

Take a piece of poster board and cut it into a large circle with a hollow center and an opening up the back to use for the necklace. Spray paint it gold and let dry. Use poster paints and a small paintbrush to paint squares representing gemstones on the necklace.

Pull out a rectangle of aluminum foil 12 cm (5 inches) wide and 30 cm (12 inches) long. Roll it into a tight tube lengthwise. Wrap the tube around the upper part of the arm to create a bracelet, and maintain the shape while taking it off. Pinch one end of the tube into a flat triangular shape, like a snake's head, to represent Cleopatra's asp.

Cut 16 pieces of aluminium foil 2.5 cm (1 inch) wide by 7.5 (3 inches) long. Cut another strip of foil 5 cm (2 inches) wide and long enough to circle your head. Paint all of the aluminium foil pieces, including the snake bracelet from Step 4, with gold spray paint. Let dry.

Buy a straight black wig, preferably shoulder length. Braid small sections of the hair framing the face, four on each side. Wrap eight small pieces of aluminum foil around the ends of each braid, and wrap eight more pieces about halfway up each braid. Wrap the long piece of aluminum foil around the crown of your head.

Apply heavy makeup. Pay special attention to the eye makeup, including black liquid eyeliner all around the eyes and extending to a point about 1.3 cm (1/2 inch) beyond the outside of the eyes, resembling cats' eyes. Look at pictures of Cleopatra on the Internet to use for inspiration.

Complete the costume with a pair of strappy gold sandals or heels.