How to crack the upper back

Back pain afflicts millions and millions of Americans. Most of the time lower back pain is the culprit, but in many cases people also suffer upper back pain. Tight muscles and misaligned vertebrae between the shoulder blades can lead to upper back discomfort.

For temporary relief, you can try cracking your upper back yourself.

Stretch and loosen the muscles of your upper back. Raise your arms over your head, roll your shoulders and loosen your neck muscles. Have someone massage the upper back area if possible. It is easier to crack your upper back if your muscles are not tight.

Stand or sit as straight as possible. Pull your shoulders back as if attempting to have your shoulder blades touch.

Place your hands on your back as high up as you can. The closer your hands are to being between your shoulder blades, the better.

Push on your back while you lean back and draw your shoulder blades together. You might hear a few small popping sounds. If so, you have successfully cracked your upper back.