How to use cedar oil as an insect repellent

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Extracted from the bark of cedar trees, cedar oil is a safe and natural insect repellent that is particularly effective against fleas. By mixing pure cedar oil with other types of natural oils, such as citronella and lemongrass oil, you can repel mosquitoes as well.

Buy pure cedar oil to use as an insect repellent throughout your home. When diluted with rubbing alcohol or distilled water, and poured into a spray bottle, you can apply cedar oil to carpets, furniture and anywhere you might find flea activity. Buy cedar oil in spray bottles from your local pet supplies shop.

Mix cedar oil with lemongrass or citronella oil to create an insect repellent that will work equally on mosquitoes and fleas. Use a mixture of these oils to double the duration of the repellent, since each oil used independently can lose its potency after just one to two hours.

Add a few drops of cedar oil to your pet's shampoo for a natural way to combat fleas and other parasites from spreading. Cedar oil, when used in moderation, is a very safe and natural way to keep insects away from your pets, and to hide odours as well. You can also place a few drops of cedar oil underneath the cushions of your pet's bed for extra protection against fleas and mosquitoes.

Use your spray bottle of cedar oil to apply the solution to clothing just before you go outside. While diluted cedar oil is generally safe to use on most fabrics, you may want to test a small area of clothing first to find out whether the cedar oil will produce a stain. Squirting a drop or two into pockets might be effective as well.

Ensure that cedar oil doesn't get into your mouth, eyes or nose when you apply it as an insect repellent, and use caution when applying cedar oil on small children, who may be tempted to taste or lick the aromatic substance. While cedar oil is generally safe to use externally, internal consumption could cause illness.

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