How to Dress to Minimize Big Hips

Dress to Minimize Big Hips

If you have big hips, there are many ways that you can dress to minimize that feature of your body. Don't get upset or frustrated with your hip size, instead learn to use your clothes to create an optical illusion to minimize your big hips.

Wear the right size clothes. Often women that have big hips hide under baggy, loose fitting clothes.

Select pants that do not have any pleats and are fitted to just below the waist. They should have wide legs and no side pockets.

Avoid buying pants that have anything on the back, such as detailing or ornamentation.

Choose skirts and dresses in dark colors that are an A-line style to make your hips look smaller.

Distract the attention from your hips by wearing a dress that has a tighter top and a looser bottom. A design on the top part of the dress will draw the eye to that area.

Opt for coats with wider bottoms to minimize your big hips. A coat with lapels and a big collar will keep the attention on the upper portion of your body.

Make hips appear smaller with hip huggers and low rise jeans. Boot cut, flared leg or wide leg jeans help proportion your figure.

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