How to Choose a Vitamin K Cream for Dark Circles

Dark circles under the eyes can be caused by genetics that affect pigmentation, as well as capillary damage caused by a number of things including pregnancy, sun damage and allergies.

While any treatment for dark circles takes time, vitamin K has shown to restore radiance to the skin around the eyes, reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation. Vitamin K creams can be an effective treatment, however it is important to look for addition ingredients that provide whitening effects, moisturizers and improve capillary strength.

Research the ingredients of all vitamin K creams before purchase to insure that the treatment will work to strengthen capillaries, whiten the skin and moisturize. Be aware that some creams may have health risks for pregnant or breast feeding mothers.

Choose a vitamin K cream that contains antioxidants, which help to shrink bags and treat as well as prevent damage to the skin and capillaries. A few effective antioxidants may include Vitamin C, milk and carrots. Milk is a fantastic moisturizer that contains important enzymes and proteins necessary for skin and capillary health. Creams that contain carrots have a yellow color, helping to conceal dark circles while treating the problem.

Purchase a vitamin K cream that contains some form of caffeine. Caffeine will reduce bags and dark circles under the eyes by reducing inflammation, and can increase the speed in which the cream takes effect. Caffeine extracted from teas, such as black or white tea, also contain high levels of antioxidants.

Look for vitamin K creams that include retinol, a vitamin A derivative. Studies show that the combination of vitamins K and A helps to refine lines, decrease swelling and improve circulation and capillary strength, key elements in the treatment of dark circles under the eyes.

Select a vitamin K cream that contains ingredients that work to lighten the skin, such as lemon, green apple or bearberry.

Moisturize the skin during treatment, an important part of healing dark circles under the eyes as moisturizer increases elasticity and helps to prevent stress on the skin and premature aging. Valuable moisturizers often found in vitamin K creams include milk, aloe vera and banana.