How to Get Motocross Sponsors

If you love to ride dirt bikes and think it's even better after a fresh rain then you're one of many who love motocross. This sport is basically riding motorcycles and ATV's through the mud on a closed circuit track. This sport is also known for world wide competitions. Having good sponsors can help pay your way to participate in motocross events. Follow these steps to get motocross sponsors.

Contact your local bank manager. Ask if they would be interested in sponsoring you in a motocross event. Advise them that as a sponsor they will get to have their bank name advertised on your bike or gear.

Find a sports clothing company that sells motocross gear. Many sports clothing companies like the idea of an athlete wearing and advertising their clothing. It will help to get their name out in the crowd. They can sponsor you by providing all your clothing and gear, such as helmets and protective pads, at no charge to you.

Ask your mechanic to sponsor you. Not only can he provide help by maintaining your motocross bike but he can gain business by advertising on your bike with various stickers or a savvy paint job.

Request sponsorship from a power drink company such as Gatorade or Power Aide. Large companies that supply products to events such as motocross also sponsor various participants.

Place an ad in the newspaper, on MySpace or craigslist requesting additional sponsors for an upcoming motocross event. You will be able to get the rest of the sponsors that you need from the responders of the ad.

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