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How to report DVD pirating

Updated February 21, 2017

The illegal copying and distribution of DVDs is called pirating. It is a multi-million pound industry that the government and the media industry are trying to stamp out. Follow the steps below to report pirate DVDs.

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Get the facts

  1. Record the basics. When you report to the authorities, they will ask for standard information -- the who, what, where and when pertaining to the pirated DVD.

  2. Organise the information before making the report. Once you've gathered all of the information about the pirated DVD, sort out the information so that the facts are easily accessible to make the report. Include all information you know, including where you bought the dodgy DVD.

  3. Record as many details as you can. Especially in the case of large scale operations, even the smallest detail can lead to the pirates' arrest.

Report piract

  1. Contact the film studio or TV company. You can find the production company's name on the back of the DVD. If your copy doesn't have a cover you can also find the name after the film or TV programme, at the end of the credits. When you have the name, find the company's website and go to the contact information page. There might also be a link for reporting a pirated DVD. If there isn't, then just email, write or phone the company. Your report will be directed to the appropriate department.

  2. Figure out if the piracy was an isolated incident -- friends copying and sharing films, for example -- or if the person is running a business. The answer to this question will decide whether you report only to the production company or the police.

  3. Contact the police via the free, anonymous Crimestoppers service (see link in the Resources section). Crimestoppers has joined with the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) to help you report criminal activity related to the manufacture, distribution and sale of pirate DVDs.

  4. Fill out the report form on the Crimestoppers website. The organisation will investigate your tip-off and, if necessary, involve the police.

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