How to make a flying monkey costume

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A flying monkey is something most people don't think of when it comes to a costume, but it's a favorite once your costume is complete. And they're easy to make, no matter your skill level. In fact, it's possible to make a flying monkey costume even if you don't sew at all.

Working from a pattern

Find a pattern. You can purchase a flying costume pattern that is already designed, or you can make your own. Make sure the pattern you decide to use is the right size.

Pick out your fabrics. If you want to be traditional, you'll need a brown, fuzzy fabric to look like a monkey. But since you're making it yourself, you can pick whatever fabric you like. You'll also need fabric for a hat and a vest.

Sew your flying monkey costume according to the pattern. Some patterns require intricate detail, like sewing in between all the fingers. You might allow extra time if that's required.

Starting from scratch

Set aside a few hours one day. That's all the time it takes to get this costume together.

Gather all your supplies. The project goes quickly if all of your supplies are at hand.

Cut out wings and a bellboy hat using the cardboard. You might want to trace a pattern on the cardboard before you cut.

Use paint to decorate the vest and the wings.

Put everything on. The black turtleneck will go on first, and your wings and vest will go on over it.

Paint your face and your ears blue. That's the same color as the flying monkeys in the movie.

Modifying a monkey costume

Purchase a monkey costume. These are found at most local costume shops.

Buy a set of wings that will go with your monkey costume. Pay attention to the style of the wings, because you don't want them to be angelic. Black wings usually look best for this costume.

Attach the wings to your monkey outfit, and you've just improvised your own flying monkey costume.

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