How to Become a Motorcycle Mechanic

If you've got great mechanical skills and want to put them to good use, becoming a motorcycle mechanic may be the job for you. Motorcycle engines differ so much from cars and trucks, there are trade schools and institutes that are devoted solely to developing the skills necessary to become a motorcycle mechanic.

Graduate high school. No higher educational requirements are mandatory to become a motorcycle mechanic, but most employers do require at least a high school diploma.

Exhibit an aptitude for small engine repair and maintenance. Experience or training in small engine repair is very helpful in becoming a motorcycle mechanic. Being in good physical condition is also helpful, as the job requires bending and lifting.

Attend and successfully complete motorcycle mechanic programs offered by specific trade schools or mechanical institutes. These offer hands-on training as well as classroom settings to expose potential motorcycle mechanics to all aspects of the job.

Get hired at a motorcycle repair shop. Search the classified section of your local newspaper under "Mechanics" or "Small Engine Repair" to find shops hiring in your area.

Take advantage of specific manufacturer training courses offered through the shop where you work to become certified in repairing certain manufacturer engines.