How to Install Mirror Wall Tiles

You can make your home sparkle with adding mirrored tiles to any wall in the house. Installing mirror wall tiles can make a room look larger or add a touch of elegance to a bedroom, living room or dining room. Best of all, a wall covered with mirror tiles is virtually maintenance-free.

Pick a room, choose a wall and put up mirror wall tiles; your home will never look better.

Measure the wall you will be covering with the mirror wall tiles. Decide what size tiles you want to use. Though a common size is 12 x 12 inches, you might want to go with bigger tiles if you're covering a large space. Purchase the tiles at any home improvement center.

Choose how you're going to put up the mirror tiles. You can go with the common block-pattern, or you can choose a diamond-pattern or any other pattern you wish. Sketch it out on paper before starting the project to get an idea how it will look.

Clean the surface of the wall before applying tile. Make sure to remove any loose paint or wallpaper before installing the tiles.

Make a line down the wall along the corner using a chalk line and check to make sure it is plumb. If so, start to install the mirror tiles in the bottom corner of the wall.

Place five pieces of heavy-duty double-sided mounting tape on the back of a wall tile, one in each corner and in the middle, and apply to the wall. Align the tile with the chalk line and press firmly against the wall.

Work vertically up the wall, placing one tile at a time and butting the bottom edge of the one you are installing against the top of the last tile placed. Follow the chalk line.

Repeat Step 6 for each vertical row until the entire wall is covered.