How to Groom a Whippet

Similar in stature to the Greyhound, the Whippet is a lithe and stately dog. Whippets have a fine, dense coat that is soft to the touch. The coat comes in many colors, including brindle, black, red fawn, tiger-white and slate blue. These can be solid or mixed variations.

Whippets are mild-mannered, friendly and unflaggingly loyal to their owners. Give your Whippet a full grooming every 8 to 10 weeks.

Brush the dog at least twice per month with a natural bristle brush. Regular grooming eliminates the need for frequent baths. Whippets are a short-haired breed and shed an average amount of hair.

Bathe the dog when absolutely necessary, using a whitening shampoo on the lighter areas of the dog's coat. Brush with a rubber brush while bathing to remove excess shed hair. Apply a little coat conditioner to add extra shine to the body. Whippets have no natural canine odor.

Run a chamois cloth over the dog's coat frequently to keep it shiny and healthy in appearance.

Apply an aloe skin cream to the elbows, which have a tendency to become callused in breeds the size and build of Whippets.

Use scissors to trim the dog's whiskers if you wish.